Start of a long journey...

Monday, 6 May 19, 22:10

I'm starting a long and extremely hard stage in my biz journey, but I'm excited. Behind my back there are working and proven systems, experience and successes of clients, but ahead of me there are more uncertainties and challenges than I can imagine.

Memo about moving to English-speaking market

Before I start to “climb the mountain" at all, there will be months of preparation, getting to the “place of climbing", breaking up of the "first camp".

I wonder who will be the first customer to implement our platform in English wink Anyway, first customers will get the all support from me they needs (just like PL companies that implement our full platform right now). In 2020, I plan to slowly shift majority of support from my person to VARs and internal implementation team - provided that quality does not suffer.

To-do for May:
  • launch in English with general information about the platform and the ecosystem of tools
  • publish 4 articles in English
  • record 1 short video for the website in English, then after hearing it break down, burn the ssd, curl up in the corner for 3 days, wipe away tears, record again, tell yourself "fck it" and publish wink
  • start building the Help Center for all tools in English
  • continue working on the visual editor of pages and offers
  • launch a secure video streaming in Ekademia
  • launch landing page wizard in Ekademia integrated with impleBOT
To-do for June:
  • finish the translation of the impleBOT panel
  • translate the new impleSITE panel
  • finish Ekademia translation
  • and what in May + therapy with a psychologist after reading the comments under video in English.
  • launch a visual editor of pages and offers in Ekademia and impleSITE

To-do for July:
  • finish the basic scope of Help Center in English
  • consider whether native speaker will not be cheaper than therapy with a psychologist after the publication of each video wink

I’m already sick in stomach thinking about all of that wink

There will be no overnight success. I'm not planning “to conquer the west'. Oh no, quite the opposite. The plan is simple - for a system that helped several companies generate 13M in sales, I will look for clients abroad. Additional cashflow will allow me to implement several hundred ideas that are waiting for implementation and develop better services. And in 5 years I will think about whether to make it big or not.

I expect the first small success outside PL until the end of the year, but it's still better than 0 successes outside Poland for 10 years since I’ve started thinking about going abroad.

I leave it here to show it someday to the “opportunity seekers”: Look. Five years ago I said that I am starting. Today I have a profitable business operating globally. For the next 5 years * maybe * it will be a "big" business. So think again about all the stupid things that “dream sellers” put in your head.

I also leave it here, so that I would be ashamed to give up.

See ya.

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