Readability before the looks

The Reason Why... S1E1 Saturday, 11 May 19, 08:00

19 years ago I’ve started my online adventure from writing an HTML course with a friend from sailors camp. Then came my first business-oriented article, 10th, 100th and 1000th... and more courses. I love to write. That's why is I’ve designed Ekademia blogs with a simple rule:

Readability before the looks

Reading your blog (or an offer) should be a comfy experience like in a picture above.

Many too often businesses deploy their blogs in designs that are hard to read. The contrast is to low, the line is too long, the font is too small, or the text is justified (hate that one the most).

I can imagine only one reason they do it and pay for that kind of harmful design. They don’t like to read or they never read their own blog.

It is a harmful design if it is hard to read. It’s not only my opinion. We’ve tested it. We’ve tested a more readable offer against less readable. Results?

More readable one got fewer clicks to the form... yep - people were less likely to check the form when the offer was more readable.

But. And it is a fine butt smile. More people bought in absolute numbers - so those who clicked were much more likely to buy. Much more.

When the offer was less readable, people went to the form more often because they did not want to read an offer - ”just show me the details”. And because of that, there was less justification for them to buy - details don’t sell - they are important though.

Our colleagues from another company did the same test and the results were the same.

So if you have a beautiful blog with gorgeous photos and badly designed text... well, that is why your blog doesn’t work.

I still look for better design of blogs on Ekademia. Readability is better than on a typical blog. I think our job is not finished though.

There is also some work to be done in the looks department - finding a great designer to help us with the looks without lowering readability is in the todo list.

Why we focus so much on blogs while people still spend more time on Facebook and YouTUBE? Because those are not your platforms. And Ekademia White-label can be your platform.

It doesn’t matter where most people spend their time. It does matter where your best (potential) Clients do. And if you create for them a space with quality content and quality community, they will spend there their time too.


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