Build an Ultimate Life-Style Business with systems and processes doing most of the work

IMPLE is a boutique "full-stack" platform for high-volume edupreneurs and content creators built and maintained since 2007 by an online veteran with a 20y of experience selling all kinds of knowledge products and services online.

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Piotr Majewski

I want you to grow beyond $1M/y in sales without ever feeling that you can get better support for your business and brand elsewhere or with a self hosted systems.

Highly successful edupreneurs need advanced features and a full control of their brand. That's what IMPLE is all about: 

Your are building your brand, not ours

When you sell and deliver your products through IMPLE, you build your own business. Clients are yours, subscribers are yours, domain is yours.

IMPLE/proWe host our platform under your domain - you can export and migrate if IMPLE ever cease being the best option for your business.

When you get new Clients or subscribers via IMPLE, they give email and phone marketing permissions to you. Because IMPLE is an EU based company, per GDPR we cannot process this data outside our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without risking multi million EUR fines.

Build your own brand and business.

Your Business Continuity

If this business is your (future) primary income, safety of a platform is as important as features it has.

My father, a business continuity and security expert with 40 years of experience in banking industry taught me the importance of business continuity. 

What is the point of building a money machine if its future is not under your control? Yes, it's easier and faster to not think about that. At the same time it will cost you years of work if a Black Swan happens.

I've implemented a selection of features that make building your business on IMPLE safe and future proof - even if IMPLE would cease to exist:

Everything under your domain

Standard URL structure

Export anytime

No debt or VC money

External backups

We don't promote to your Clients or subscribers

Future proof

Experienced founder & support

20 years of experience from selling to 20K Clients and acquiring 200K newsletter subscribers organically and via paid advertising. This experience was put into creation, development and maintenance of IMPLE.

IMPLE was built in 2007 (as a first platform of its kind) to support my own and my Clients' businesses. Since 2007 all the development is focused on the needs a high volume edupreneurs and and content creators with 0 or small teams have.

I've organically build +100K newsletter list and sold to +16K Clients in my own business. I've also acquired +100K subscribers and 4K Clients using paid advertising in businesses I've helped to run. All that was done via IMPLE which I develop to support that kind of businesses.

As an IMPLE/pro Client you will get an experienced support while implementing and using IMPLE. We are fully aligned with your growth and are able to build custom integrations to suit your needs.

Automation and processes for life-style edupreneurs with no/small teams

Sell to thousands of Clients and provide support them with 0 to 3 team members.

Thanks to smart automations and processes, IMPLE Clients sell and provide support to thousands of users a year with 0 to 3 team members.

Some manage to provide highly regulated, time tracked courses with an official, government certification to thousands users with 0 employees. They've even passed rigorous controls.

Some have fired support or sales employees after implementing automated communication via website, e-mail and courses.

IMPLE is build to help you create an ultimate life-style business with systems and processes doing most of the work.

What features are included?

It's a "full-stack" platform that will help you manage your business from content an email marketing, through selling, to delivering and up-selling your products.

IMPLE is build for high volume sellers with low to high priced products that seek maximum automation:

IMPLE/proContent Management System (CMS) at the front of the platform to manage home page, whole website, landing pages, normal offers, one time offers, viral offers and link shortening

Profile page with newsletter subscription and offer you can customize

Products list with newsletter subscription and offer you can customize

The best performing lead generating landing page for paid ads

Personal, company and projects' blogs

Beautiful order forms with offer summary

EU's GDPR compliant order form

Payment processing and product access

Magic Coupons

Webhooks on order form and payments

Pipedrive integration

Invoicing system

Order history with detailed search and filtering

Live events access management system

Client list with simple LTV stats

IMPLE/proDetailed LTV stats with cohorts

Sales rankings

Full e-learning platform capable of delivering all kinds of educational products and services - from simple downloads to courses with formal/government certificates at the end

Webhooks on user action inside products

Mass and private communication system - you can send private messages to any of your Clients or to bunch of them selected via forums in courses, order history, product or group members or even activity reports.

IMPLE/proE-Mail marketing system with autoresponders and mass mailing, links in your domain and emails sent via your SMPT/email provider - so you have full control over your e-mail reputation.

IMPLE/pro All public pages will be hosted under your domain if you choose IMPLE PRO

Features build for high volume sellers with low to high priced products

Great pricing for high volume sellers

If you sell a lot of products or sell high priced ones, you will love our pricing structure

I've built IMPLE in a way, that I would still want to use it even if I sold the company. That means the pricing has to be acceptable for a high volume/high price seller I'm and still be good enough to support maintenance costs and constant development.

For high volume sellers and for ones that sell high priced products (you should) it costs less to use IMPLE than it is to hire an employee or contractor that could provide te same support and features. Even if you are tech savvy, your time spent on maintaining systems is time that could earn much more when invested in marketing and business.

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