Business Continuity and Flexibility           

If you business is your (future) primary income, choosing a safe platform is as important as making money. What is the point of building a money machine if its future is not under your control? Yes, it's easier and faster, but will cost you much much more down the road.

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Piotr Majewski

My father, a business continuity and security expert with 40 years of experience in banking industry taught me the importance of building your business on strong fundamentals.

I've implemented a selection of design features that make building your business on IMPLE safe and future proof even if IMPLE would cease to exist:


Everything under your domain 

Your domain is one of the most important assets online. The longer you do your business, the more valuable it gets.

After 20y online I can say that there is only 1 thing on the Net that have been constant no matter what - domains. 

Online platforms come and go - even big ones - and take everything you build on them with them. And recently platform started banning people and companies for a variety of non specific reasons.

But if you bought a domain and kept paying for it, you still control it and anything you put on it. Domain is one of the most important assets online. That is why all platforms want you to host your content under their domain. Doing business under someone else domain is easy and fun... until they ban or die.

When you choose IMPLE PRO, we host all public pages of your business under your domain. Website, lading pages, forms, products and courses.

Because of that there is no vendor lock - you can redirect your domain anywhere you want anytime you like.

No vendor lock


Standard URL structure

It is very easy to replicate all public pages saving your Google ranking and external links, if you choose to leave IMPLE.

Domain is one thing, but if migrating to other system means you loose all your links, it like you started under a new domain.

Because of that all public pages on IMPLE (website, blog, posts, landing pages, forms) have simple and standard URLs - it is very easy to replicate all pages with their links if you choose to leave.

No vendor lock


Export anytime

Your content is yours. Export products, subscribers, blog or website for free anytime you want.

I built IMPLE in a way, that I would still want to use it even if he sold the company. That means as a user you can export your content if the platform is not meeting your needs or expectations.

No vendor lock


External Backups

We backup our systems on detached systems in other countries. 

In 2021 a fire broke in one of OVH data centers destroying everything inside, including adjacent backup facility. Our main server literally melted. A lot of popular services lost not only all their data but also all backups. We didn't. IMPLE was up a running the same day on a new server because we:

 Keep our backups outside infrastructure of our provider. 

 Backups are stored in other countries than the server in case of war or other country wide incident. 

 Our server has no access to our backups. Backup systems download from the server instead of a server sending it to backups.

 Backups are encrypted.

? Shit happens, backups will save your business

No debt or VC money

IMPLE is profitable, has no debt and is a critical to his founders other business.

Because IMPLE is critical to my own educational business, I've created a separate company that runs it to limit the risk of  disturbing its future. IMPLE is profitable, debt free and has no outside investors - there is no pressure to grow it in a matter that could make it unprofitable and fail. Even if it had no Clients, it would still be cheaper for me to run it instead of paying other companies or vendors.

Debt or VC money

We don’t promote to your Clients or subscribers

As an EU company under GDPR we have 20 million (EUR) reasons not to use your  data for anything other than providing a service as stated in our ToS.

When your get new Clients or subscribers via IMPLE systems, they give email and phone  marketing permissions to you. Per GDPR we cannot process this data outside our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without risking multi million EUR fines.

Your Clients and subscribers are yours.

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