Great pricing for high volume sellers

If you sell a lot of products or sell high priced ones, you will love our pricing structure.

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Piotr Majewski

I've built IMPLE in a way, that I would still want to use it even if I sold the company. That means it's pricing has to be acceptable for a high volume/ high price seller.

It costs less to use IMPLE than an employee or contractor that could provide what you get from us:

Even if you are tech savvy, your time spent on maintaining systems is time that could earn much more when invested in marketing and business.

$1 > 6% < $15 per transaction

It makes us aligned with your growth and for high priced products you will not waste time creating some alternative channels.

On every transaction we charge 6% of the gross price. This fee can be no less than $1 but no more than $15 inc. VAT. So for all products more expensive than $250, the commission is less than 6% - eg. 1.5% for $1000. Why? Because it make us aligned with your growth. You don’t want a subscription based provider that is financially hurt when you succeed.

Add your payment processor's fee (typically 1-3%)


$250 minimal monthly payment

When paid for a year ($3000) with 90 days guarantee. $350 when paid monthly with 30 days guarantee. EU VAT excl. 

This min. payment gives you a platform under your domain, help with implementation and a support that you don’t get otherwise.  IMPLE PRO is for sellers doing or planning to do $5K or more per month - for them this monthly payment is less than a sum of monthy transactions fees.

First year (implementation) requires yearly payment. After that you can choose monthly payments.  You can test and start building on our platform via Ekademia before commiting to IMPLE PRO.


No monthly payment on Ekademia

Ekademia is a self service platform. You operate under our domain till you’re ready to upgrade to IMPLE PRO.

There is no minimal monthly payment for operating via Ekademia - only fees for transactions. 

We will migrate all your links and products with 301 code to save your Google rankings when you upgrade.

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